Name: Elif Deniz
Elif was born in Bursa, the first capital city of Ottoman Empire, in 1986. She graduated from public relations department of Isparta Suleyman Demirel University in 2008. Upon her graduation, she went for an industry change and started working at our hotel as a receptionist. Currently, she is responsible for the management of our online rates.

Name: Gokay Eskizambak
An Istanbul native, Gokay was born in 1984 and completed his University Degree in Travel Agency Management in 2006. He worked almost all the departments of tourism such as cashier and barmen at restaurants also reception at several hotels before starting the travel agency. So he melted all these experiences to be a better travel agent. Gokay is also an experienced global traveller himself. He has visited almost all the parts of Turkey also several countries such as England, Italy, Spain, Russia and Hong Kong. Thus he is familiar with different cultures and understands the traveler’s needs and expectations quite well.
He is working currently both for Naz Wooden House Inn and Efendi Travel as a Reservation Officer and Travel Agent.

Name: Dudu Dursun
Dudu Dursun was borning in Samsun and works in our hotel as a housemaid since two years. She is married and has two children. She is very curious about her clients satisfaction with their room cleaning and breakfast service.